Keeping Reptiles As Pets – Geckos

Geckos are one of the easiest lizards to keep and make great pets for older children and adults.

Queensland veterinarian Dr Danny Brown has a special interest in reptiles (and birds) and has been keeping and breeding geckos for 30 years...

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Gerbil Feeding And Toys

Gerbil Toys

Most toys you see for small animals are not good for gerbils. Infact anything you see thats soft and fluffy for gerbils, I would discard. A lot of plastic things to. Gerbils are chewers, in fact they live to chew...

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Differences Between Wild And Domesticated Rats

Here are most common differences between wild and domesticated rats.


  •  Very long thin tail for balance
  • Larger feet for climbing
  • Large ears for superlative hearing
  • Larger eyes
  • Less body mass
  • Very skittish and way more nervous than domesticated ratties
  • Ability to jump long distances and cli...
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Gerbil Bedding And Cages

So you want a gerbil? Try two! Gerbils should be kept in same sex pairs as they are very social creatures! Gerbils are good hardy pets, they don’t get sick often, they are social and they hardly smell! But of course, as any good pet owner does, you want to make sure all of the information you get is...

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Rattie Society And Social Groups

Rats are very social and are happiest in pairs or groups of same sex or neutered rats. A single rat needs lots of daily human attention.   Rats can be kept in groups of up to six Females per cage and four Males per cage (PROVIDED THE CAGES ARE BIG ENOUGH)...

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Guide Dogs Provide Independence, Mobility and Love

Anyone who has ever watched guide dogs in action knows they are remarkable. They seem to effortlessly help their human partners maneuver crowded sidewalks, cross busy streets, ride public transportation and generally cope with just about any challenge of daily life.

Ever wonder what makes these dogs...

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Keeping Reptiles As Pets – Blue Tongue Lizard

Exotic animals veterinarian Dr David Vella loves Blue tongue lizards and has a lot of experience caring for them. He has kept them as pets and rehabilitates many injured in the wild.

“Blue tongue lizards are one of the best reptiles you can have, no matter how old you are,” he says.

There are many s...

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Gerbil Treats And Trust Training


Gerbils love treats, they are great for handling and general training. Gerbils adore sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and safflower seeds. They just plain love nuts! (Which I purchase raw at Trader Joe’s)...

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Gerbil Behaviour


Gerbils have many funny quirks, that are cute and fun to watch. Sometimes they are more than that, to be sure, read this!

Grooming: Grooming is a way to keep clean. Gerbils often groom each other. When gerbils groom its a good sign!

Thumping: Gerbils thump to warn others gerbils if their co...

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Your Guide to Dog Adoption

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dogs are abandoned in Australia. In an effort to rescue these dogs and find loving homes for as many of them as possible, dog adoption centres have been established throughout the country...

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Sexing baby rats

Sexing rats is fairly easy with a few guidelines. First, check the rat yourself–pet shop employees nearly always make mistakes...

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Hot Weather Tips for Your Pets

The truth is pets are affected more quickly by and have more pronounced reactions to high temperatures and humidity than people. That’s why an animal must never be left alone in a car...

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How and Where to Get a Reptile License

A reptile can be an exciting and unusual pet but if you wish to keep one, you will need to have the appropriate license.  This ensures that the reptiles in Australia are kept appropriately and that they are not taken from the wild but rather obtained from responsible sources...

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Gambian pouched rats are currently being used by an organisation called APOPO to sniff out landmines (thus saving human lives).  APOPO list their reasons for choosing rats for this very important task as being :

The idea of using rats for the detection of landmines came as a result of a search for ...

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Rat Care

Cage cleaning

Cages should be washed with an anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid at least once a week.  Vinegar can also be added to the water because vinegar acts as an anti-bacterial agent.  In South Africa, you can get ICU dishwashing liquid which also claims to be anti’viral...

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Welcoming a New Dog to Your Home

Pet adoption is one of the noblest acts possible; you are providing a home for an animal who might otherwise have to be destroyed.

Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared for the pet adoption experience. Nearly a third of the people who adopt pets end up returning them...

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Rat Cages And Bedding

Environment and temperature

Rats are vulnerable to high temperatures and should ideally be kept in a place that is very well ventilated and that does not exceed 25 Degrees © at any time. Domestic rats are indoor pets and should not be expected to stay outdoors.

Cage and bedding

A rat’s cage should ...

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Barking Dog Laws in Australia

There is almost universal agreement that barking dogs can be a nuisance. Unfortunately, not everybody is in agreement about when a barking dog becomes a nuisance or whether or not it is a nuisance at all...

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