Gerbil Bedding And Cages

So you want a gerbil? Try two! Gerbils should be kept in same sex pairs as they are very social creatures! Gerbils are good hardy pets, they don’t get sick often, they are social and they hardly smell! But of course, as any good pet owner does, you want to make sure all of the information you get is correct. This packet is the right place for you.


No matter what all the websites say, no matter what the people at the petstore say, no matter how good it smells, Cedar and Pine are big no-nos. (The Toxicity of Pine and Cedar Shavings) This page may be mainly about rats, but this applies to ALL small animals. So I bet your thinking, well what do I do now? Well there are many options. Aspen is a safe hard wood. Many people use Carefresh or Carefresh Ultra for bedding, which is good in odor control, is soft, and can be burrowed in easily. Shredded paper! Shred some paper for your gerbils. Tissue and paper towels are recommended, but regular paper does well too. Just make sure that when you shred the paper there are no sharp edges for paper cuts, the gerbils will chew through it and make their own fluffy bedding. Just remember this might not be as absorbent as the above options. A friend of mine chooses to use a thin layer of Yesterday’s News then cover it with cardboard, the gerbils chew up the cardboard and are left with a nice soft bedding on top and a very absorbent one underneath. I suggest shredding up some paper towels for them any how so they can make a nest and snuggle in it! Make sure to put 2-3 inches of bedding in the tank or cage.


Cages are a lot of fun, but those plastic tube ones that are colorful and great are not appropriate for your gerbils. Gerbils will soon chew it up and escape. A ten gallon glass tank is great for two gerbils. Top the ten gallon with a wire mesh top for proper ventilation. Gerbils jump VERY high, and even if you think they cant jump that high, they will. The general rule is 5 gallons per gerbil. So 15 gallons is enough for three gerbils. And so on, and so on. I use this habitat, and every two weeks when I change the cage I switch it to a different house set up. The other one I use is a corner wooden house, a bunny bowl full of chinchilla sand, a wheel in the corner, and wooden toys hanging from the wire mesh top.