Gerbil Behaviour


Gerbils have many funny quirks, that are cute and fun to watch. Sometimes they are more than that, to be sure, read this!

Grooming: Grooming is a way to keep clean. Gerbils often groom each other. When gerbils groom its a good sign!

Thumping: Gerbils thump to warn others gerbils if their colony is in danger, or in sexual excitement. The gerbil will make a rhythmic thumping sound with their hind feet. Sometimes the other gerbils will join in. Its very amusing and fun to see all of the gerbils thumping! When young the gerbils often thump to impress members of the colony.

Digging frantically in the corner Gerbils often dig in the corner. This doesn’t mean they want to get out. Most gerbils dig in the wild, and its just their natural instinct. I suggest you add a bit more bedding or make a digging box with some sand.

Fighting: There are two different types of fighting. One is serious fighting, the other way is just for gerbils to have fun. The gerbils will pounce and jump on each other, and chase each other around. In serious gerbil fighting the gerbil might lose weight, have bite marks on their head, butt, or tail, and most often stay away from the other gerbil. To avoid serious fights use the “split cage method” (scroll down on webpage to see) to introduce new gerbils. Never keep more than two females together and never keep more than four males together or territorial disputes can erupt. When breeding only place one male and female together because males will fight over the female.

Run-aways: When gerbils run away, its a very scary thing. But its a lot easier to catch than you think! First thing. DONT PANIC. Okay, now grab a toilet-paper tube, and put some sunflower seeds in it. The gerbil will most likely scuttle in and you can cover it. Do the same with shoe-boxes. Keep your ears open as gerbils will thump. You’ll soon find him if you follow my directions!


Gerbils come in all sorts of colors. The Gerbils Color Palette is one of my favorite sites for figuring out which colors mine or other peoples gerbils might be. Remember, the colors may be pretty, but gerbil personality is best of all! Don’t get a gerbil because of its pretty colors, get it because of how social it is.

Getting your Pet

Now that we’ve gone through everything, the last question is, “where do I get my gerbil?” I suggest getting a gerbil from either Petfinder, a breeder in your area, or a rescue in your area. I don’t suggest getting one from a pet store unless you are sure that its a reliable pet store that takes care of its animals well.

In Conclusion

Gerbils are wonderful social creatures who, if treated and cared for properly, make excellent pets. I suggest you take this quiz, and make sure you most if not all of the answers right. I hope I helped your research on gerbils. 🙂