Gerbil Feeding And Toys

Gerbil Toys

Most toys you see for small animals are not good for gerbils. Infact anything you see thats soft and fluffy for gerbils, I would discard. A lot of plastic things to. Gerbils are chewers, in fact they live to chew. Toilet paper cardboard rolls are perfect for them, they go through them and have a ball, and then they chew them apart. You can also give them wooden chew sticks made for small animals. Other cardboard things are great too. Avoid things with flashy ads. Every gerbil should have a wheel. A safe wheel. Wire rung hamster wheels are not safe. Gerbils can get their tails and legs stuck in them. You can fix these wheels by taping the wheel so legs cant get caught, or covering it in cardboard. I prefer to buy a safe wheel such as this one, that uses small holes (is grated) to make sure that gerbils tails and legs are safe. Wodent Wheels are another good, safe, wheel for small animals. Gerbils do enjoy a good sand bath. I use chinchilla sand, as I’ve heard that dust isn’t good for gerbils because of respiratory problems. I have heard of cornmeal, flour, and childrens playsand being used as well. You can provide a small bowl for you gerbils to bathe in, a bunny bowl works fine, just make sure its ceramic or glass or they’ll chew!

Gerbil Feeding

I use my own gerbil mix, which is a mixture of Suebees mix and a gerbil seed mix. I feed my gerbils Vita Vittles Gold gerbil mix, (I suggest Gerri Gerbil if you can get it.) If your gerbil picks out their favorite foods you should use a good pelleted food and try mixing it with a little bit of Suebee’s for variety so they don’t get bored with their food. Brown rice raw, (cook it as a treat!) Plain elbow pasta, rolled oats, Nutro Lite dog food, raisins, wheat germ, rolled oats and crushed total cereal. A lot of people mix a high quality bird seed to the regular gerbil mix to get some variety in seeds. I take out most of the sunflower seeds, but I leave in one or two, because sunflower seeds have calcium. This website has a lot of information about gerbil food, and gerbil care in general. Plastic waterbottles are fine for gerbils, but they must have a guard, so it can fit in a tank correctly, it also prevents chewing. The gerbils waterbottle must be cleaned and filled with fresh water everyday.