How and Where to Get a Reptile License

A reptile can be an exciting and unusual pet but if you wish to keep one, you will need to have the appropriate license.  This ensures that the reptiles in Australia are kept appropriately and that they are not taken from the wild but rather obtained from responsible sources.  If you are stuck on how to get a reptile license, here is some information to help get you started.

The General Process of Obtaining a Reptile License

A reptile license is vital if you wish to own any kind of reptile. The process of obtaining one is different depending on which state or territory you live in but generally you will fill in an application form and send it to the relevant authority. The application will include your details, the seller’s details, any experience that you’ve had in owning reptiles before, and details of how you will be keeping the reptile.  If a fee is involved, you will have to pay this as well.  The authority is generally your state or territory’s fauna or wildlife authority. Be aware that you will have to demonstrate experience or knowledge in caring for certain reptiles (depending on what class of license you are applying for), and that your reptile will need to have been bred in captivity.  It is illegal to keep reptiles that you have taken from the wild.

Reptile License Classes

If you get a getting a reptile licenses, be aware that different classes or categories may be available. There are generally categories or classes available for hobbyists – that is people that are relatively new at keeping reptiles and just want to keep one or two as a pet.  There are also categories and classes that apply to people that breed and sell reptiles, as well as people who wish to keep harder to care for or more dangerous reptiles, such as venomous snakes.