Welcome to our furry paradise!

A little bit about ourselves.

We are a Mother & Daughter team.  Our goal is to educate as many people as possible on the joys and responsibilities of owning Gerbils and Hamsters and other pets.  We are also breeders of different wonderful species.


I’m the Daughter half of the team.  I must have inherited the Furry Addict Gene from my mother.  I have cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters and a mouse.  Currently I’m just breeding gerbils.  I’ve gotten a good understanding of their genetics which has earned me the title of Gerbil Genetics Goddess from Kat and a fellow breeder.  I plan on breeding gerbils for a couple of years and then I’ll add hamster breeding to the mix.

I work the peak season of the state’s tax department.  I come home to my fiance and daughter (pictured above) and all my wonderful furries.  It’s sometimes a busy life but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m the Mother half of this team.  I have quite a bit of experience with a wide range of animals:  tropical fish, goldfish, bettas, Green tree frogs, big eyed tree frogs, Oriental toads, Japanese newts, Eastern newts, green anolis, Bahama anolis, long tailed grass lizards, veiled chameleons, leopard gecko, map turtles, Russian tortoises, parakeets, cockatiel, mice, dwarf hamsters, Syrian hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs.  At one point, Shani refered to my home as ‘The Zoo’.  I have since downsized the population and variety.

I currently work as a computer operations specialist and attend school for networking systems.  I also dabble in programming and hope to combine my computer skills with my knowledge of animals to produce a user friendly site.

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